when in Wales…

My time in Lampeter is dialing down now. I’ll be back here (almost typed home!) in September, in a new living space with new people. Hopefully I’ll be more organised next year! I’m meant to be out of halls by the 14th of June, only ten days away, but because of the awesomeness of my new place for next year, I can move my things there and potentially stay for a few days- giving me even more time to focus on my sewing!

So, this week has been fairly quiet. I’ve got a lot of sewing done over the last couple of months I just haven’t had time to report on here, so here goes.

I made this little guy yesterday- my first attempt at a printed out pattern! I edited the pattern a little, adding ears and arms. He’s a first go, and I’m making my lovely friend Ruth a red dragon.


I went a little unicorn mad the other week, making one from a tutorial in a sewing magazine and then another more cuddly version. I’m planning on making a larger one, as a cushion (probably for my bed!)


I made some things for LARP, too. Here are some of the pouches I made, to make it a lot easier to carry around in and out of character things. I usually have one for my in character stuff- potions, poisons, bandages and all the other little bits and pieces- and another one for a chocolate bar, medication and my phone.


I finally bought my own iron this week, too! It’s been very helpful, and not having to worry about returning things is a big plus! I’ve also gotten really into buying sewing magazines to help with ideas, show me better ways of organising and making, and a lot of the articles are really interesting, informative, and pretty! So many pretty pictures, especially of organised craft spaces, really make me want to do better.

Today’s going to be dedicated to organising my space a little better, but I’ll be back on Sunday with a tutorial.

Thanks for reading! If anyone’s interested in my makes, please comment- I need to know what people like so I can put them on my etsy!



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