fabric dice tutorial!

Sorry for the long absence- health issues and university busy-ness have sort of put the sewing on hold. But I return with a present- a fabric dice tutorial! This one is for an eight-sided dice.

I used the template from this website for the dice. They’re for paper dice, but the template is basically the same for the layout of your dice. Using one of the triangular templates I got for Christmas- presumably from Hobbycraft- I cut out eight triangles in plain white cotton. These can be whatever size you like, and can be made out of any fabric, and any colour.


I recently got an inkjet printer (woop woop!) and as it’s not as hot as a laser printer, you can print onto bondaweb. I printed a lot of numbers onto a single sheet, and ironed the bondaweb onto some blue fabric, cut out the numbers and removed the backing, and then ironed the individual numbers onto the eight triangles.


Then comes the use of the template I mentioned! Using the D8 template, you can see where you have to lay out your pieces.


Now it’s time to sew. I began following the lines of the template- 1 and 4, 5 and 7, etc. Once you’ve finished stitching these, press the seams flat.


Now comes the tricky part. You must stitch 3 and 5 together, 2 and 8, 2 and 3, and on. Make sure you leave a hole for turning and stuffing! I left mine between 7 and 6.


And now it’s time to turn and stuff! Make sure it’s not overstuffed or it’ll lose its shape.


And finally, stitch the hole shut. Here is the finished D8!



You can follow this tutorial to make any size of dice, using the templates from the website above. Please don’t use this tutorial for profit or recreate it anywhere else. Thanks!

Kaii xx


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