LARP on the mind…

Hey all. The last couple of days have been a little slow, but I’ve been focusing on LARP related things.


This is my new baby, a one-handed sword. The shape is a little annoying to make a sheath for, but I will hopefully figure something out. 



I also got some throwing knives, which I had to make a sheath for. It’s a fairly simple design, but it works really well and I’m really happy with it. It’s got room for four knives, and two belt loops at the back.

I’m getting ready to go back to Wolverhampton on Sunday, and I’ll have more of an update then. I’ve got a craft fair planned for the 5th of July, which I’m working towards. I have to make a lot more plushies and pencil cases, but I think I’m safe on the bag front…


Anyway, I’ll be back on Sunday.



hexagonal drawstring pouch tutorial

Hey all! I’ve have a nice productive few days since the last post, organising my makes in an attempt to get ready for a summer full of craft fairs and events. I have an awful lot of bags and not nearly enough plushies, so the next few posts will probably be creature mad!


I also came up with a new tutorial for a drawstring pouch- with a twist.


This pouch involves a little more stitching than a simple pouch, but it looks a lot cooler. It’s not much more complicated. 


Materials Needed:

  • Two or more corresponding fabrics- for the larger one in the pictures above, I only used two. For the one in this tutorial, I used seven different ones for the outside and a plain white lining fabric.
  • Corresponding thread
  • Ribbon, string, or rope.
  • Embroidery thread
  • A hexagon template, sides at least 2.5 inches across.

Cutting Instructions:

  • Hexagons- one in the lining fabric and one in the outer fabric.
  • 12x strips of fabric,six in the outer fabric and six in the lining. You need to measure the sides of your hexagon and make the strips half an inch wider. For this pouch, I used seven different colours for the outside and white for the lining, and they were 3 inches by 8 inches.


Instructions: (all sewing is with a 1/4 inch seam allowance)

  1. Start by pinning all the pieces together. First, pin the short sides to the hexagon, then pin the long sides together.


    2. Stitch around the hexagon, then up each of the sides. 


    3. Repeat this for the lining fabric, leaving a hole for turning in the centre of one of the sides.


    4. Cut two reasonably sized slits in two opposite sides of your outer fabrics. Embroider like you would a buttonhole, as these are going to be the holes your ribbon, string or rope goes through.


    5. Now, it’s time to construct the pouch itself. Turn the lining inside out, and put it inside the outer layer, right sides touching. Stitch around the top and turn through the hole you left and then stitch up the hole.



    6. You basically have it now, but for added strength stitch around the very top of the pouch, and about a quarter of an inch under the holes you made. Once you’ve done this, thread the ribbon through the holes using a safety pin.Image



    7. And there you have it! One hexagonal pouch.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Send me pictures of the pouches you make on my Facebook page, here. I’ll be back on Friday with another update.



home sweet home

So, my new place is all clean, tidy, and ready to be taken over completely with sewing! I’ve already made a unicorn purse, nice, quick and easy.


I also made a cutesy book cover, with reverse and normal applique. I just ordered some extra bondaweb, so I’ll be doing plenty of applique over the coming weeks!


And here’s my room as it is at the moment. I absolutely adore it, especially the double bed and all the surfaces for my supplies to go! It’s not totally tidy yet- if you can’t tell- but I have discovered how hard moving is…


My desk setup. For once I can actually use it as a desk, because I finally have a dresser the right size for my cutting board!

IMG_20140615_190849411[1] IMG_20140615_191010324_HDR[1]

I have way too many books, but I do have a lovely ‘bookshelf’ in my windowsill. It faces out onto the road, but even though it’s the highstreet it’s usually quiet. Living in a small town has its perks.


And there’s my beautiful bed. So comfortable and big… I get to stretch out so much! It’s definitely an improvement on my dorm room.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back with a tutorial on Wednesday! Comment or message me if there’s anything in particular you want to see how to make.



Invasion of the Unicorns! (Unicorn Pillow Tutorial)

Sorry this is late! I’ve been moving and I’m just about settled in my new place.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve gone a little unicorn mad. As friends of mine know- as pretty much anyone who’s read this blog, my tumblr or Facebook know- I love fantasy, and unicorns come second only to dragons to me.

As I showed in my last post, I made a unicorn plushie. I decided to take this design and make a larger version, to be used as a pillow. It’s a fairly simple construction, using fleece and scraps of felt. Scroll down for the tutorial!


Now, here’s the tutorial!

You will need:

  • paper (for template)
  • fleece (white, or other pastel colour)
  • felt or fleece (scraps, lots of bright colours)
  • Corresponding thread
  • Needles
  • Toy stuffing


  • Make your template for the unicorn. I used two sheets of A3 paper taped together, so unfortunately I can’t scan it properly, but the shapes are fairly easy to make.


  •  Cut out your pieces. You need two pieces for the body, two for the horn (round edged triangles), two for the ears (pointed ovals) and several pieces for the mane (curved triangles). If you want to give your unicorn a tail, you need a thin piece of fleece and two flame shaped pieces for the end of the tail. Mine doesn’t have a tail.


  • Now stitch the horn together and stuff lightly. Pin in place on the body part.


  • Place the mane sections in place and start stitching round the body, leaving a hole for turning and stuffing.


  • Now turn and stuff!


  • When you’re done stuffing the pillow, stitch the hole shut and there you have your unicorn pillow. If you want to give your unicorn ears, stitch them on now.


Finally, I want to give a shoot-out to my friend Elena. She’s an incredible seamstress who does things with clothes I can’t even imagine being able to do after decades of study. She’s got a new etsy shop here, and you should check out her blog here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the unicorns. I’ll have them on my etsy when I’ve made enough.

Kaii x


when in Wales…

My time in Lampeter is dialing down now. I’ll be back here (almost typed home!) in September, in a new living space with new people. Hopefully I’ll be more organised next year! I’m meant to be out of halls by the 14th of June, only ten days away, but because of the awesomeness of my new place for next year, I can move my things there and potentially stay for a few days- giving me even more time to focus on my sewing!

So, this week has been fairly quiet. I’ve got a lot of sewing done over the last couple of months I just haven’t had time to report on here, so here goes.

I made this little guy yesterday- my first attempt at a printed out pattern! I edited the pattern a little, adding ears and arms. He’s a first go, and I’m making my lovely friend Ruth a red dragon.


I went a little unicorn mad the other week, making one from a tutorial in a sewing magazine and then another more cuddly version. I’m planning on making a larger one, as a cushion (probably for my bed!)


I made some things for LARP, too. Here are some of the pouches I made, to make it a lot easier to carry around in and out of character things. I usually have one for my in character stuff- potions, poisons, bandages and all the other little bits and pieces- and another one for a chocolate bar, medication and my phone.


I finally bought my own iron this week, too! It’s been very helpful, and not having to worry about returning things is a big plus! I’ve also gotten really into buying sewing magazines to help with ideas, show me better ways of organising and making, and a lot of the articles are really interesting, informative, and pretty! So many pretty pictures, especially of organised craft spaces, really make me want to do better.

Today’s going to be dedicated to organising my space a little better, but I’ll be back on Sunday with a tutorial.

Thanks for reading! If anyone’s interested in my makes, please comment- I need to know what people like so I can put them on my etsy!



fabric dice tutorial!

Sorry for the long absence- health issues and university busy-ness have sort of put the sewing on hold. But I return with a present- a fabric dice tutorial! This one is for an eight-sided dice.

I used the template from this website for the dice. They’re for paper dice, but the template is basically the same for the layout of your dice. Using one of the triangular templates I got for Christmas- presumably from Hobbycraft- I cut out eight triangles in plain white cotton. These can be whatever size you like, and can be made out of any fabric, and any colour.


I recently got an inkjet printer (woop woop!) and as it’s not as hot as a laser printer, you can print onto bondaweb. I printed a lot of numbers onto a single sheet, and ironed the bondaweb onto some blue fabric, cut out the numbers and removed the backing, and then ironed the individual numbers onto the eight triangles.


Then comes the use of the template I mentioned! Using the D8 template, you can see where you have to lay out your pieces.


Now it’s time to sew. I began following the lines of the template- 1 and 4, 5 and 7, etc. Once you’ve finished stitching these, press the seams flat.


Now comes the tricky part. You must stitch 3 and 5 together, 2 and 8, 2 and 3, and on. Make sure you leave a hole for turning and stuffing! I left mine between 7 and 6.


And now it’s time to turn and stuff! Make sure it’s not overstuffed or it’ll lose its shape.


And finally, stitch the hole shut. Here is the finished D8!



You can follow this tutorial to make any size of dice, using the templates from the website above. Please don’t use this tutorial for profit or recreate it anywhere else. Thanks!

Kaii xx