oblong make up bag

Hey all, This has continued to be a mad section of my life, but I have gotten some sewing done.


I also wrote this make-up bag tutorial, which I hope you enjoy. It is a little fiddly but it’s worth it! Materials:

  • Outside patterned fabric- 2x 7×10 inch rectangles.
  • Outside plain fabric- 1x 4×36 inch rectangle, or shorter ones adding up to 36 inches when stitched together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
  • Lining fabric- 2x 7×10 inch rectangles, 1x 4×36 inch rectangle.
  • Interfacing- 2x 7×10 inch rectangles, 1x 4×36 inch rectangle. If you’re using smaller lengths of the long rectangles then iron the interfacing on before stitching them together.
  • A zip, around 12 inches long.
  • Corresponding threads
  • Needles and pins.

Image Instructions: Step one: Cut the long rectangles into three- one slightly longer than your zip, then the remainder in half. Sandwich the zip on one side and stitch, then repeat with the other. Image Image Step two: Stitch the two halves of rectangles to each side of the zip, making sure not to stitch the lining and outer fabrics together. Image Image Step three: Pin one of the outside rectangles in place, centring the zip section, and stitch. Repeat with the other side. Make sure the zip is open before you finish, and stitch the gap at the bottom.  Image Step four: Repeat step three with the lining fabric, but leave the gap at the bottom open for turning. Image Step five: Turn and slip stitch the opening you left shut. Image Step six: Use your bag! Image And that’s all. You can use a waterproof fabric for the lining or even the outside and the lining if you wanted to use it as a wash bag. Back on Wednesday! Kaiix


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