Cute pin cushion tutorial and quilt update!

Hey all,

This week has been utterly crazy, with work and with the occasional party. I’ve been slowly but surely working on my quilt, which should be finished by Sunday.


Here’s the tutorial.


This one’s pretty simple!

A small amount of felt, maybe in different colours.


Cotton that corresponds with the felt

Polyfill toy stuffing

Corresponding thread, needles and pins.

Fabric Cutting

Cutting the cotton is super simple. You want two rectangles of fabric, 6 inches by 4/5 inches.


For the felt, design something that is 4×3 inches or smaller and draw it onto the paper side of the bondaweb. Iron it onto the felt and cut out the design.

Making the pin cushion

Step one: Peel the paper backing off of the felt and iron it onto the centre of one of your pieces of cotton.


Step two: decorate the design, with stitching or beading. I did both.


Step three: put the two cotton pieces right sides together and stitch, leaving a two inch gap on the middle of one of the longer sides.

Step four: Turn!


Step five: Stuff with polyfill and stitch up the hole.


And there it is! If you feel like changing it up you could always make it a smelly cushion by putting a lavender or other scented insert into the mini-cushion before stitching the hole up.


And if you don’t feel like making one, you could always buy one from my Etsy store.

Thanks for reading!



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