First big Quilt!

So the last few days I’ve been working on my assignments for university, but I’ve been piecing the blocks for a quilt when I take breaks.

It’s made of a William Morris Jelly Roll I got off of Ebay a few months ago. I got some other bits and pieces of the collection for the trim of the quilt, but it’s not quite ready for it yet.

I’m using the basic idea from a quilt design by Tricia Maloney, called Woven Indigo. It’s in a book called ‘Quilts By Monday’ that has a lot of great ideas in it.


I’m really pleased with it so far. The strips are pre-cut to 2.5 inches wide, and I cut them 6 inches long. I picked the cream colour because it really goes well with the collection. I used six different patterns, and made four blocks of each pattern making 24 blocks. There’ll be two borders after that, one thin and one thick. It’ll be a smallish quilt, more for a throw over the back of a sofa or something than for a bed.

And my new business cards arrived!


Sorry for the short update today! I’ll be posting a tutorial on Wednesday to make up for it.



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