My Craft space and V-Day prep!

Afternoon all!

This week I’ve been doing a lot of my university work so I thought I’d give everyone a quick run through of my desk here at university. 


Here’s an overview. I just moved some things around so I have a lot more space. I have my noticeboard for project organization and appointments and events I need to remember. My main organizer is above me on the shelf, a really gorgeous week by week organizer. 



And here’s my thread and my quilting template. I have all my threads out in a rainbow so I can pick corresponding thread easily. I’m trying to use up all my threads so I can excuse buying fancy Gutermann thread in all the colours. It’s more expensive than the basic cotton thread I usually buy, but it’s definitely worth it. The seams just look a lot better.

I currently only have one template (the diamond) and a bit thing of pins. I go through pins at a rate of knots, I’m always losing them. I put up a hook especially for it so I can see and quickly use the template. 


And here we have my repurposed mug tree! It’s really good for hanging my scissors and bias binding makers. I also have a cute (currently half finished, I need to eat more soup) stack of tin cans that I’ve covered with pretty paper and stuck together to make simple storage for my pens, pencils and everything else. The extra shine in this picture is from the desk lamp that sits behind them.


And here I have all my buttons, my embroidery thread, anything I use to embellish my projects. The thread is in a Dolmio’s jar, the buttons are in a big not-quite-mason jar that I got a Hooty’s. The pot with the flower currently has pre-made felt embellishments in it. 

I also have my pin cushion sitting at the edge of the table at my left hand for easy use. I usually have my ironing board set up just past there, and my laptop and my monitor are on my right so I can write this, watch TV (usually Newsroom at the moment, or Stargate.) and check my etsy for interest.

This week, like I said, has been really quiet on the sewing front but I have made a couple of things. 


I’ve started designing my Valentine’s Day range, including this cute pillow. I’ve discovered a really easy way to make heart templates- just fold a piece of paper in half, draw a circle close to the edge and draw a line from the far edge of the circle to the fold, cut the half-heart shape out then unfold the paper. Depending on the circle size and how low you make the line changes the size of the circle. I used an A3 piece of paper for the template for the cushion.

I’ll be back on Sunday with an update and maybe a mini tutorial,

Bye for now!




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