Money Belt Tutorial

Hey! This week’s been madly full of making things. It’s really incredible how productive I can be when I’m avoiding doing my university work…


I made a Dresden Plate wall hanging, which I’m super proud of. I’ll probably do some kind of Dresden Plate tutorial in the future, but this week is for the money belt! The first one I designed was for my friend V’s daughter, but this one’s going into my stash for future events (unless people really like it, in which case I’ll make more and sell them on my etsy!)

Okay, on to this week’s tutorial!



I’m using some really cute strawberry material for the outside and some plain cream cotton for the lining. 

Outside fabric: 1 x 6×3.75 inch, 1 x 6×2.5 inch, 1 x 6×1.25 inch, 2 x 3×9 inch. 

Lining fabric: 1 x 6×3.75 inch, 1 x 6×2.5 inch, 1 x 6×1.25 inch.

Elastic: This varies on your waist size. I’m using a piece that’s 20 inches long for this tutorial.

Zip: This needs to be plastic and at least 6 inches long, The one I’m using is nine inches long and I’m going to cut it down.

Needles, pins, corresponding thread and scissors and an iron.

If you want it to be more firm you can use interfacing, but I’m not going to.


How to make the belt

Step one: Sandwich the zip in between the thinnest pieces of fabric, zipper facing the outer fabric. Open it up and do the same with the 2.5 inch thick pieces. Press them open.



Step two: Fold the longer strips into double fold binding. folding the top of each one neatly so you can slip about a half inch of the elastic in the middle. Stitch along the sides.



Step three: Stitch the bigger lining piece onto the back of the other lining pieces, leaning about two inches at the bottom for turning.


Step four: Pin the belt in place with the fabric on either side of the outer pieces, over the zip.  Unzip the zip.


Step five: Stitch the last piece of fabric on the top and turn through the hole, then stitch up the hole.


Step six: Press it flat, and you have your money belt!


If you don’t want it to be a belt, just a cute and easy to make purse, then just forgo the longer pieces and the elastic.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back on Wednesday with an update.



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