Last post of 2013!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! This will be my last post until Wednesday- New Years Day. This is just a quick update of projects and upcoming tutorials and items for sale.

I’ve just finished two projects today, both gifts for my friend V. One’s a present for her daughter and the other is a surprise gift for her (so, surprise and happy late Christmas!). But they also serve as prototypes- one I’m going to be putting in my Etsy and the other I’ll be posting a tutorial for.

The first thing (and I’m really quite pleased with this) is a DC Comics themed washbag. Bet you can’t guess the character…


I’m going to work on a couple more designs for the themes before I put this up for sale. If anyone has any suggestions, comment on this post!

The second thing is a special money-belt. It’s for V’s daughter to wear under or over sporting gear, so she doesn’t have to carry a purse or have anything restricting her movement, but she’ll be able to keep her pennies close.


I’ll be posting the tutorial on this on Sunday, so check back then.

I was going to round off this post with a picture of my room, but because it’s still a little untidy- unpacking is hard work! I’ll settle with a picture of my desk, my worskspace. This is pretty much always tidy because I pack everything away neatly after every project- even if I’m moving straight on to another one that’ll use similar tools. If you let it all pile up, you’ll give yourself way too much work to get organized again. 


There we go. I love my desk. I’ve got my desktop monitor to the right of me and my ironing board to the side, and it works really well for me. 90% of why I’m staying in halls next year! Anyway, that’s all from me for today.

See you on Sunday!



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