Christmas Dinnertime

Merry Christmas, all!

Here’s the promised placemat! Along with these I’ve been working on a new wallet design, some purses and a sewing caddy, plus a cushion cover. I’ll post a pretty image-heavy post of all my new things next Sunday while I’m preparing my Etsy and getting some plans together for the next 12 months~

But right now, here’s the tutorial.

So, what do you need for this placemat?


  • 4 different fabrics for the top piece and binding (all include a ¼ seam allowance)
    • Fabric A: one 6×6 inch piece. This should be a patterned fabric, and if you want you should fussy-cut it.
    • Fabric B: two 6×1.5 inch pieces, two 8×1.5 inch piece, and one 8×2 inch piece. I used red to go with the green of my patterned piece.
    • Fabric C: two 8×2 inch pieces and one strip for binding of 1.75×50 inch- I’ll explain how later. This is green for me- Christmas colours work well together in this placemat.
    • Fabric D: two 14×1 inch pieces, two 8×1 inch pieces and one 3×2 inch piece.
  • Batting
    • 16×12 inches
  • Backing fabric
    • 16×12 inches
  • Needles
  • Corresponding thread
  • Bondaweb or similar- 3×2 inches.
  • Quilting pins
  • Steam iron
  • Cutting board and rotary cutter with quilting ruler.

Layout of the design


How to make it!

  • First, stitch the 6 inch long strips to the top and bottom of your patterned piece and add two of the eight inch strips to the sides, making sure to centre them. Press to the side as you go.


  • Add the 8×1.5 inch strips to one side of the block- making sure you don’t put two of the same fabric together.                           
  • Make sure to cut off any excess from the top, bottom and side of what you have so far.
  • Add the two 8×1 inch strips to either side of the piece you have and then add the 14×1 inch strips to the top and bottom.


  • Set the top piece on the batting and ditch quilt- this means sew the fabric down to the batting in the seam between your fabrics.
  • Remember the little piece of fabric we have left? This is an optional part but I thought it would be nice for Christmas- incorporating the name of the person into the placemat.
  • Take the 3×2 piece of Bondaweb and iron it on to the fabric, following the instructions for the webbing.
  • Peel the backing off and embroider the name onto it, then iron it onto your main fabric. I decided to give everyone different shapes- here’s mine.


  • You can stitch the applique down or just iron it on- I used a running stitch for my Dad’s placemat.


  • Time to add the backing and get the binding together.

Single fold binding! This is a really quick, basic run through. I’m going to do a really detailed version and possibly even a video in the future.

  • If you can, cut out one full 1.75×50 inch strip.
  • If you can’t- no problem! What you can do is cut out a lot of strips that are 1.75 inch thick and fasten them together until you have a 50 inch strip. Make sure you fasten them together like this-


  •  Pin the strip all the way around, folding the corners back as you go.


  • Start to sew, giving yourself around four inches of tail before you start.
  • As you get around 3-4 inches before the end, tie up your thread and attach the two ends together- measure 1.75 inches to ensure you have the right seam allowance.


  • Snip the excess and finish stitching the last few inches.
  • Turn the placemat over and snip the excess around the top.
  • Fold the binding over so it meets the top of the backing.


  • Fold it again and start to sew. Try to make the stitches as small and invisible as possible.


And there’s your placemat! All done. 


I’m working on a new bag right now that’ll hopefully be on my Etsy by the new year. Here’s a sneak preview-


I’ll update again on Sunday, have a very happy Christmas.



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