Merry Winter-Time!

Hey all. Sorry for the long absence- I started university in September and since then everything’s been a little mad. I’m planning on making a new post every Sunday and Wednesday with sewing updates and maybe even a new addition to my shop twice a week! I know it’s not quite Sunday anymore but I’ve been doing an awful lot of sewing the last few days…

To make up for being away, I thought I’d start the new year by sharing my new fascination- quilting. The end of December and January is going to be my quilting month, with some tutorials and other ideas. To start, I made a few little things called ‘mug-rugs’ that seemed to go down a storm with the girls I live with (who may feature in this blog in the future, keep your eyes peeled!) which I’ll be featuring next Sunday. But there’ll be a tutorial this Wednesday. (Yes, Christmas day. I’m going to stick to my timetable of Sunday-Wednesday posts, no matter what!)

Christmas is so very almost upon us and I decided to make placemats for the dinner table for all the family that’s coming to visit on the 25th. I haven’t nearly finished them all, but they will be done by Wednesday so you can see them all. It’s a very simple quilt block with a little applique and single fold binding. I just bought my first ever roll of Bondaweb which is already proving very helpful- so you should definitely invest in it if you don’t already have some double sided webbing.

Anyway, I’m going back to my sewing now. Hope everyone has a good festive time this week!


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