and so I’m back

From outer space~

Or not. I’ve been a bit remiss with my blog this week! I’ve been busy cooking up some new bits and pieces.


If you’re a follower of my facebook and tumblr you’ll know some of the things I’ve been making, my wallets- Star Trek and Supergirl- and my assorted washbags, because I have two craft fairs coming up! One next Saturday (six days!) at Woodfield Infants School, and one on the 13th of July in Springdale. 

I’ve reorganised my sewing area, to give me plenty of good space and light, and I’ve made a couple of fabric orders so I should have plenty of work to be doing.



I’ll be making a tutorial soon, and should be making another post on Tuesday. If you want to see some of my work outside of the internet and the fairs- head to the We Love Crafts store in Wolverhampton, opposite the PDSA in the Mander Centre.



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