pretty little flutterbye

ImageSo, today was a little stressful. Just a note- if you ever get your fire alarms replaced, make sure you get rid of the old ones! I learned this today, when I was rudely woken up by the old fire alarm going off right outside my bedroom this morning.

But, I soldiered on, and today (finally!) went to buy some more zips, and decided to celebrate by making a new Butterfly messenger bag.

ImageIt’s 11.5 inches by 8 inches, with a zip opening under the flap and two slip pockets- one slim one at the side and one large under the flap. 

I also managed to talk to Elliot, from the We Love Crafts shop in Wolverhampton. I’m going back this Thursday and for anyone in the Wolverhampton area- you may well be able to buy some of my products from the shop! While, of course, I would rather you order direct from me, buy online, or go to one of the craft fairs I am at, the store has some great things and should hopefully be a great step up and get some interest going.

I’m going to get back to my purses, and will post a tutorial on ~something~ on Wednesday. Promise!




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