and so I’m back

From outer space~

Or not. I’ve been a bit remiss with my blog this week! I’ve been busy cooking up some new bits and pieces.


If you’re a follower of my facebook and tumblr you’ll know some of the things I’ve been making, my wallets- Star Trek and Supergirl- and my assorted washbags, because I have two craft fairs coming up! One next Saturday (six days!) at Woodfield Infants School, and one on the 13th of July in Springdale. 

I’ve reorganised my sewing area, to give me plenty of good space and light, and I’ve made a couple of fabric orders so I should have plenty of work to be doing.



I’ll be making a tutorial soon, and should be making another post on Tuesday. If you want to see some of my work outside of the internet and the fairs- head to the We Love Crafts store in Wolverhampton, opposite the PDSA in the Mander Centre.



flutterbye messenger bag tutorial

So, here it is! A little late (sorry, took longer than I though!) but, still, here. Next blog post will be on Saturday.

So, first up- what do you need to make it? Well, I used a gorgeous patterned material, Globaltex’s “Butterfly Stripe”, which looks like this:

I used this for the outside of the bag. You can use any fabric for this, but I loved the butterflies. I used some plain pink and cream I had lying around for the lining. I hand sew this- as I do everything, as I currently have no sewing machine- but you can use a machine to do this.

For outer bag:
4x 8 inch by 12 inch outer fabric rectangles
1x 7 inch by 12 inch inner fabric rectangle
3x 4 inch by 12 inch outer fabric rectangles
2x 4 inch by 8 inch outer fabric rectangles
1x 11 inch zip
Velcro (about 2 inches)
1x LONG piece of fabric for the strap, bias binding or whatever you want to use for the strap.
For side pocket:
1x 5 inch by 6 inch outer fabric rectangle
1x 5 inch by 5 inch inner fabric square
For lining:
3x 8 inch by 12 inch inner lining fabric rectangles
3x 4 inch by 12 inch lining fabric rectangles
2x 4 inch by 8 inch lining fabric rectangles

If you don’t want to add a zip, take away one outer and one lining 4×12 piece of fabric.


Start by adding interfacing to your outer fabric. I use the stuff they sell in Dunelm Mill for under £3 a sq. metre. It’s not very firm but it works fine for this project. Interfacing really makes a big difference- I’ll do a post soon! All seam allowances are 1/4 inch.

Then make the front slip pocket. Take one of the larger outer pieces and the 7×12 lining fabric. Fold the top of the outer fabric over by about 3/4 of an inch, line the lining fabric up with the uncreased side, and fold the outer fabric over again by about half an inch. Pin and running stitch.


If you decide to add a side pocket, listen to this step. If not, skip down. So the same as you did with the front slip pocket with the 5×6 and 5×5 fabric pieces. Add a dart at the bottom and pin it to one of the 4×8 outer pieces.


Now comes the putting-it-together part.

Line the thin pieces together- 4×8, 4×12, 4×8 Stitch the three pieces short-edge together so you have one long piece of fabric. Press the seams. Add the back piece, and then pin the front slip pocket in place and sew the front on.


Make your strap. I use one long piece of the spotty material from the Butterfly Stripe material, and put it through my 2 inch bias binding tape maker, fold it over and sew along the open edge. I fasten it at either side of the bag with a box and then a cross, and there you have your strap.


Make the lid-flap. Sew one 4×12 lining to one 8×12 lining, long sides together. Do the same with the outer fabric, and then sew along three sides and turn inside out to make the flap. Pin this to the edge of the back of the outer bag.


Make the lining of the bag, repeating the steps you took to make the outer bag- BUT REMEMBER TO LEAVE A HOLE! You’ll need to turn it the right way out when you’re done.

If you want to insert a zip here, you have to cut the remaining 4×12 outer and lining pieces to fit your zip, as shown here:



Stitch the outer side of the zip piece to the outer fabric, then the inner to the inner.


Turn inside out and sew up the hole. Add the velcro to the underside of the flap and the front- at the bottom of the slip pocket.

You have your butterfly bag! Add buttons for decoration- I always put a heart on the front flap and a round pink button on each of the straps.

SAM_0548Of course, if you don’t feel like making your own you can always order one from me! Now on sale here.


pretty little flutterbye

ImageSo, today was a little stressful. Just a note- if you ever get your fire alarms replaced, make sure you get rid of the old ones! I learned this today, when I was rudely woken up by the old fire alarm going off right outside my bedroom this morning.

But, I soldiered on, and today (finally!) went to buy some more zips, and decided to celebrate by making a new Butterfly messenger bag.

ImageIt’s 11.5 inches by 8 inches, with a zip opening under the flap and two slip pockets- one slim one at the side and one large under the flap. 

I also managed to talk to Elliot, from the We Love Crafts shop in Wolverhampton. I’m going back this Thursday and for anyone in the Wolverhampton area- you may well be able to buy some of my products from the shop! While, of course, I would rather you order direct from me, buy online, or go to one of the craft fairs I am at, the store has some great things and should hopefully be a great step up and get some interest going.

I’m going to get back to my purses, and will post a tutorial on ~something~ on Wednesday. Promise!




a little break

Well, this isn’t the best way to start my blog, post number two with nothing to add in terms of things I’ve made… But, on a positive note, I now have a mini travel ironing board, a heap of interfacing and some gorgeous fabric so I can make more Butterfly messenger bags and (when I have my waterproof material that is not under any circumstances PUL) nappy bags.

Other plans are a couple more tutorials- I’ll set up a calender so you can see when I’m going to show you my goodies- and prep for a couple of craft fairs. Kaii’s Creations will hopefully be attending the Bantock Garden Party on the 29th of June, followed by the Crafty Bits Summer Craft Fair on the 13th of July at Springdale Methodist Church, 11-3.

I’ve got some things going on after, and might be trying to set my own craft fair up for sometime in the summer! Watch this space, I’ll be back (maybe even with a tutorial!) on Monday.



day one

Today has been a day of trial and error and making random bits and pieces for no apparent reason.

This morning I made a mini very hungry caterpillar backpack- I might even be doing a tutorial for it, so watch this space…Image

A pirate head cushion and a phone case. I may well do tutorials for these too… My current plan is for a tutorial every two weeks, with a blog post about what I’m doing every two days.

I love making new things and seeing my finished creations. I’m updating my Etsy today with some new things, but I utterly adore a few of the things I’ve made lately.


I love making these little purses. Plain or patterned material, and I can make a few from just one fat quarter. I used a dark purple one for myself when I went down to London recently and it worked really well, and I was able to iron out all the little problems (of which there was only one, and maybe the size… I had a lot of space inside and not much cash to put in it!) 

I’m working on a similar design for pencil cases, too, and make-up bags. It all goes down to the size of the fabric I use, and if I do a tutorial I’ll be sure to show that.

Well, I’m going to get back to organizing my etsy and making some more things. The mini backpack tutorial should be up sometime this weekend.